C & F Agents

Sumit Trading Co is connected with the Distribution line from several years and has also established it’s repute as the acknowledged leader in the field of Clearing and Forwarding Agents and Hub Operators. Sumit Trading Co provides customer defined services related to Warehousing, Transportation, Packaging, Product Handling, Accounts Receivables and Statutory Obligations.

It’s Distribution setup is located at Ludhiana, Punjab, covering all the cities of Punjab.

Sumit Trading Co is the C&F Agents for some leading companies

  1. Gokl Agri Intl Ltd.
  2. Gokul Agri Resources Ltd.
  3. 3F Industries Ltd.
  4. Modi Naturals Ltd.
  5. Frigo Rifico Allana (p) Ltd
  6. Indagro Foods Ltd.
  7. A.A.K Kamani Ltd.
  8. Mahesh Edible Oil Mktg. Ltd.
  9. Budge Budge Refinerey Ltd.
  10. JVL Agro Industries Ltd.
  11. Hisense Global Trades (p) Ltd.
  12. Parkh Agro Industries Ltd.
  13. Ozone Procure (p) Ltd.
  14. Bharat Foods Co. Op Ltd
  15. Pansari Industries Ltd.
  16. Agrotech Ltd.
  17. Reliance Retail Ltd.
  18. A.M Enterprises