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Maltagliati Pasta


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Maltagliati Pasta

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Explore true Italian taste of eating healthy
A magical blend of taste, aroma and health is what makes a pack of HiSense’s Maltagliati Pasta irresistibly tempting. This highly healthy and tasty pasta is a symbol of intense fragrance, rich & authentic taste which will surely stimulate your taste buds without letting you compromise on your health.

A true representation of famous Italian culinary tradition, these pastas are produced from a selection of the best dorum wheat semolina, using the most advanced manufacturing system to ensure high quality of taste and health for our consumers.

Why Maltagliati Pastas?
• Globally renowned pasta maker since 1848
• Handpicked semolina to ensure authentic taste
• Certified authenticity of original ingredients
• Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring protection from adulteration